Captain Fawcett Coffee Beans – Whole Beans

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Captain Fawcett Coffee Beans – Whole Beans I am simplydelighted to presentCaptain Fawcetts Coffee of Choice… a most delicious discovery sourced from the verdant hills of the East Congo.A thrilling tale thus unfolds…a sweltering March day found Yours Truly leading an expedition, the purpose of which was to observe and record the sedentary behaviour of the most magnificent Mountain Gorillas in this, theirnatural habitat. One particularly misty morning, having lost my bearings I stumbled somewhat wearily from the rain forest and happened upon the shores of Lake Edward. Delirious and overcome by thirst, it was in truth a thing of wonder to be welcomed by local farmers who swiftly revived my flagging spirits with some of the finest coffee Id ever tasted. All the richness ofthe lands volcanic minerals and crisp high altitude citrus tang were embodied in the delectable and invigorating brew. I was further enthused to learn that by cultivating this most excellent coffee the growers that make up theKawa Kabuya Cooperativeare able to provide schooling and educate their children.Within no time at all I was full of beans and raring to press onregardless.Huzzah. Rostat av Tropic Coffee, Kings Lynn i England. Vikt227 g

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